Samstag, 12. April 2014

What does Gooseberry do for me?


I am sure that we are all in agreement about what Project Gooseberry stands for: It is no less than the proof that the idea of Open Source is alive not only in the world of producing great software tools, but also in the dimensions of producing THINGS by using these tools. Things like a whole movie!
So, the Idea of open source fades into something bigger, something even more meaningful: Open resources, a symbol for the substitution of commercial, profit oriented production systems by a collaborative system based on a synergy of creativity and passion.
While this is little sort of trivial, I would like to share a simple, surprisingly egoistic approach arosen from my personal view in my capacity as a Blender user:

What does Gooseberry do for me?

And I have found the answer in the past by asking myself:
What did previous Open Movies do for me?
While Blender is receiving continuous development that is usually guided by a roadmap which is being formed by a bilateral flow of communication between the developers and the userbase, making it a kind of scattered process where many unrelated development tasks enhance Blender in all directions, the development that is happening in light of an Open Movie is a very intensive process, always focused on concrete, immediate goals implied by the need to solve a very specific problem regarding the specific workflow of the movie.
As a result, because the realization of every Open Movie is a unique task demanding  a unique workflow, with every completed Open Movie, Blender made a huge step because a whole new, production-proof workflow with all the tools needed had been implemented.

The best examples are the character-related improvements from Big Buck Bunny and the development from Tears of Steel regarding a whole workflow for producing live-action!

So, in view of that, beneath providing entertainment (Oh, by the way I do absolutely love the Teaser because I love the slightly psychedelic style and the wonderful artwork!), supporting Gooseberry means supporting myself because I benefit from the improvements in Blender directly.

So far :)

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