Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Meet my Bounce Buddy!

I would like to share a recent Idea that I have realized via 3d printing with you.

When I attend familiar events or parties and wish to do some point-and-shoot photography, I am faced with the problem that carrying a big and heavy external flash with me for bouncing is necessary to get good indoor lighting. So why not creating a little accessory for my camera which can be attached to the internal flash to bounce its light towards the ceiling? I have made that with Blender and Shapeways printed it for me.
This was my first 3d printing project and I can say that holding an object in your hands that used to exist only on your computer as a pattern of zeros and ones and that thing does actually work as intended, feels just awesome!
I really love how the project turned out. I call it Bounce Buddy and I have made it available for buying through the Shapeways store. So take a look at and enjoy :)

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